Drafting Secure Wills And Trusts

Many people mistakenly believe that if they don't create a will, the state will automatically get their property. This is typically not the case. If you pass away without a will, however, Oklahoma may decide to distribute your assets in a way you don't want.

To make sure your wishes are clearly understood, you do need to take action and draft secure legal documents. Not only will this ease your mind, it will reduce the potential for conflict and confusion among the family members you leave behind.

At Bailey Law, PLC, we take pride in offering highly knowledgeable and personalized legal services to clients in Cherokee County and throughout the surrounding area. Our attorney, Wayne Bailey, has extensive experience with wills, revocable and irrevocable trusts and other estate planning tools. He can also guide you through the probate process with compassion and skill.

"Aren't trusts only for the very wealthy?" This is a common question. The truth is that trusts often benefit people at many different income levels. The real question is whether you want to spare your loved ones the stress and expense of probate. If you do, a trust may be the answer.

Guiding You Through The Probate Process

In Oklahoma, the probate process is highly structured. Attempting to navigate all the rules and adhere to all the deadlines is challenging without the help of a lawyer. It could even result in costly estate tax penalties.

Instead of attempting to do it yourself, you can turn to Mr. Bailey for clear legal counsel. Let our attorney bear the legal burden on your behalf.

Resolving Will Contests And Other Disputes

Mr. Bailey is adept at resolving estate-related disputes. From will contests involving allegations of undue influence to trust litigation based on a breach of fiduciary duty, he will be your dedicated advocate.

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