Legal Help From A Former Construction Company Owner

Construction law is complex, involving countless regulations and rules. Most construction-related cases also involve business concerns or practical issues that directly affect individuals and families. This is why Bailey Law, PLC, is an exceptional choice to handle any transactional matter or dispute in this area of practice.

Attorney Wayne Bailey owned his own construction company for years. His hands-on experience with the nuances of the construction industry — coupled with his proven legal knowledge — makes him ideally equipped to advise and assist clients statewide.

Representing Contractors And Subcontractors

Our Oklahoma firm represents general contractors and subcontractors engaged in public or private projects. Our lawyer's background means that he is thoroughly familiar with the 2- to 3-inch thick contracts by which contractors must abide. Let him guide you through the complexities and help you avoid the pitfalls associated with such commercial contracts.

Whether you are concerned about unreasonable demands from property owners, failure to pay/delayed payment or other issues, Mr. Bailey can assist you.

Representing Residential Property Owners

We also advise and advocate on behalf of homeowners, apartment complex owners and other clients. Many times, concerns revolve around construction delays or missed deadlines. Construction defects (leading to structural damage, water damage, toxic mold and other problems) are also common sources of contention. Our lawyer has the skill to resolve such disputes in the most timely and cost-efficient manner possible.

Set up an initial consultation with Mr. Bailey by calling our Tahlequah office at 918-708-9942, or contact us online today.